Creating a Photography Blog

Anyone into Photography as a hobby is sure to have a computer full of interesting pictures but how often do you share your pictures outside the club ? The ones we do show tend to be our “hopefully” winning pictures but some of the most interesting pictures are ones that we capture in our day to day life, still thoughtfully captured but for our own interest.

So why not share your pictures with with the wider world ?

You may have heard of a blog, it used to be like a diary with postings in date order published on the internet. These days the blog software has moved on and can now be customised to include Video,  Music and Photos known as Photoblogs.

Thinking this sounds difficult? Well, if you are familiar with sending emails and you know how to use Word then you have all the skills to make your first Photoblog.

There are various websites and software that charge a fee and each has its own restrictions but as this is aimed at those who would like to give a go for the first time then I would like to suggest The Website is basically a huge template that you can edit and upload your photographs, hopefully not a lot to go wrong,

It’s easy and it doesn’t cost a bean

Building your photoblog though Jimdo is FREE (yay) and allows you to upload 500MB of images which you can customize using one of the 80 themes available and think looks pretty smart.