DPI Competition 2016 round 4

Here are the top scoring Images from round 4 of our digital competition.

Club Class

Babe in the Woods by John Ibbotson – 20 points

Advanced Monochrome

Wrecks at High Tide by Jacob Martin – 20 points

Advanced Colour

Juvenile Kestral Demanding food by Barrie Kelly
Juvenile Kestrel demanding food by Barrie Kelly – 20 Points
The Night's Sky By Sarah Davies
The Night’s Sky By Sarah Davies – 20 points

Print Competition 2016 Round 4

Club Class


Still waiting – John Thirkell – 20 points

Eye of the Poppy – John Thirkell – 19 Points

Advanced Mono

The Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman Steam Train – Sarah Davies – 20 points

Seamer – Martin Henfield – 19 Points

Off the Blocks – Martin Henfield -19 Points

Bothy – Steve Smith – 19 Points

Advanced Colour



Full Throttle Bottle  – Martin Henfield – 20 points

Paint Sculpture 50 – Richard Lodge – 19 Points

Domaster – Steve Smith – 19 Points

President’s Farewell

It’s been a good year for the club. Membership is at near record levels (75 at the end of July) and results in external competitions have been good. It’s also been a year for two firsts. The most significant has been the successful establishment of special interest groups for members to grow their skills in the company of others. Currently the specialist groups are landscape, portraiture, sport, macro,still life and street photography and at least one has been so popular that numbers have had to be limited. We thank Richard Lodge for coming up with the idea and his work in setting up the groups which are each led by a co-ordinator.

The other “first” has been “Battle of the Sexes”, a competition between our men and women photographers which the women won by an appreciable margin. Hopefully the competition will become a regular feature of the syllabus.

Added to this has been yet another first class exhibition in the newly refurbished Bury Art Gallery, a high standard of work, beautifully presented in a superbly lit gallery which many clubs would give their all for.

Nothing of course could have happened without the hard work of a committee and in particular the efforts of David Crabtree as secretary ,Stuart Willetts as syllabus secretary, Roy Turner our treasurer and,of course, Garry and Bev hayes the competitions secretaries.

Garry and Bev Hayes are finishing at the AGM and we thank them for their hard work, the rapid circulation of results and league tables and their attendance at many of the outside local comps the club enters. Thanks also to Keith Hughes who is standing down as the organiser of the annual exhibition but can be proud of the exhibitions he has overseen. Thanks too to those members who staff the tea rota and those who come early every week to set up the screen, print display stand and sound equipment.

I’ve enjoyed being your President –the second time in four years-and wish Barry Scott all the very best for his Presidential year. We’ve even got a President elect, Paul Wood, in the wings so there’s organisation for you!

Martin Henfield

DPI Competition 2016 round 3

Round 3 of our Digital Projected Image competition was based on the theme of Texture.

Club Class

Après la douche
1. Harry Hagan – Apres la Douche – 20 points
2. Ian Bowker – Peacock Feather – 19 points
3. Janette O’Shaughnessy – Leaf – 18 points

Advanced Mono

No oil

1. Eb Swarbrick – No Oil – 20 points
2.= Eb Swarbrick, Sue Berry – 19 points
3.= Bev Hayes, Sarah Davies, Jean Neville – 18 points

Advanced Colour

Bellowing Smoke

1. Lesley Robb – Bellowing Smoke – 20 points
2.= Garry Hayes, Sue Berry – 19 points
3.= Sarah Davies, Maggie Henfield, Eb Swarbrick, Bev Hayes – 18 points

Print Competition 2016 Round 3

Round 3 of our 2016 Print competition was as themed round on Street Photography.

Club Class

1st. Robert Stopforth – “Deserted” – 20 points
2nd.John Thirkell, 18 points
3rd. John Thirkell, 17 points

Advanced Class Mono

Going Home
1st. Paul Wood – “Going Home” – 20 points
2nd. Jenny Young, 19 points
3rd.= Eb Swarbrick, Garry Hayes, 18 points

Advanced Class Colour

A Grand Day out
1st. Sarah Davies – “A Spirit Beckons” – 20 points
2nd = Bev Hayes, Sarah Davies, 19 points
3rd. = Steve Smith, Maurice Wilson, Maggie Henfield, Eb Swarbrick, 18 points

DPI Competition 2016 Round 2

Club Class DPI

Stiched Up

1. John Thirkell – Stiched Up – 20 points
2. = John Thirkell, Robert Stopforth – 19 points
3. = John Ibbotson, Janette O’Shaughnessy – 18 points

Advanced Class Monochrome

Lytham Jetty

1. = Jacob Martin – Lytham Jetty – 20 points
1. = Richard Lodge – 20 points
2. = Richard Lodge, Martin Henfield – 19 points
3. = Eb Swarbrick, Lesley Robb, Martin Henfield, Garry Hayes – 18 points

Advanced Class Colour

Low Branches tny

1. = Sarah Davies – Low Branches – 20 points
1. = Maggie Henfield, Lesley Robb – 20 points
2. = Martin Henfield, Jacob Martin, Barrie Kelly, Bev Hayes – 19 points
3. = Maggie Henfield, Eb Swarbrick, Lesley Robb, Richard Lodge, Barrie Kelly – 18 points

Print Competition 2016 Round 2

Club Class Winners

1st. John Thirkell – “Model Triumph” – 20 points
2nd. John Thirkell – 19 points
3rd. Janette O’Shaughnessy – 18 points

Model Triumph

Advanced Class Mono Winners

1st. Maggie Henfield – “Peace After Playtime” – 20 points
2nd. = Bev Hayes, Martin Henfield, Jane Miller, Steve Smith,
Sarah Davies, Kevin Hardman – 19 points
3rd. = Sarah Davies, Richard Lodge, Bev Hayes – 18 points

Peace After Playtime


Advanced Colour Winners

1st. Steve Smith – “Mill Worker” – 20 points
2nd. = Maggie Henfield, James Hargreaves, Mike Kielecher,
Richard Lodge, Garry Hayes, Steve Smith, Eb Swarbrick,
Bev Hayes, Sarah Davies Andrew Mayfield, Jane Miller – 19 points
3rd. = Bev Hayes, Sarah Davies, Keith Hughes, Steve Smith – 18 points

Mill worker

2016 DPI Round 1

Club Class

1st. John Thirkell – “Clockwork” – 20 points
2nd. John Thirkell – “Gathering Dust” – 19 points
3rd. Harry Hagan – “Gotcha” – 18 points

Advanced Class Colour

1st. Lesley Robb – “Turnstone Wading” – 20 points
2nd = Eb Swarbrick, Maggie Henfield, Andrew Mayfield, Barrie Kelly
          Lesley Robb, Jacob Martin – 19 points
3rd = Paul Wood, Ellie Cooper, Eb Swarbrick, Jenny Young,
         Maurice Wilson, Richard Lodge
Turnstone Wading

Advanced Monochrome

1st. Sue Berry – “Dreamers” – 20 points
2nd = Jenny Young, Sarah Davies, John Scotson, Martin Henfield. – 19 points
3rd =  Richard Lodge, Sue Berry, Maurice Wilson – 18 points

Print Competition 2016 Round 1

Congratulations to the top scorers of our first round of the Print Competition.

Club Class Winners

1st John Thirkell – 20 points “Squirrel and Nuts”
2nd Harry Haga – 19 points “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”
3rd John Thirkell – 18 points “Time in Hand”

Squirrel and Nut

Advanced Class Mono

1st Lesley Robb – 20 points “Juvenile Coot”
2nd = Sarah Davies, Garry Hayes, Maggie Henfield & Eb Swarbrick – 19 points
3rd = Bev Hayes, Jenny Young, Lesley Robb, Richard Lodge & Martin Henfield – 18 points


Advanced Class Colour

1st Maurice Wilson – 20 points “The Lock Man”
2nd = Maggie Henfield, Lesley Robb & Eb Swarbrick -n 19 points
3rd = Richard Lodge, Barrie Kelly, Lesley Robb, Paul Wood, Kevin Hardman, James Hargreaves
Martin Henfield & Mike Kielecher – 18 points