Competition Rules

Rules for the Bi-Monthly Competitions 2018

Club Class is only open to members who have never been awarded a trophy in a Bury Photographic Society Competition. Any member may enter Advanced Class if he/she wishes.

A) General.

Each year there will be 5 bi-monthly competitions for the members work in two formats, ie. Prints and Digitally Projected Images (DPIs). {see (B) & (C) below}.

A guest judge will be invited to comment and award marks to the work, ranging from 12 to 20 marks. All the marks will count to the final score for the year’s competitions. The member with the highest score in each format will be awarded an Annual Trophy.

During the year each Club Class member may enter up to 10 works in each format (maximum of two per competition) and each Advanced Class member 20 works in prints only. See below for the number of works in the Advanced Class DPI competitions

An image may only be entered once in any format of the competitions and significantly similar images are not allowed in subsequent competitions (regardless of format). In other words a Club Class member who wishes to enter both formats in the year’s bi-monthly competitions must enter 20 different images in total, and an Advanced Class member must enter 20 different images in prints and 14 different images in DPIs.

NB. Any member who misses a round of the competitions will not be able to catch up in following rounds. For all the bi-monthly competitions members have adequate notice from the syllabus when these are to take place. If a member knows he/she will miss a future DPI competition then they can send their DPIs in advance of that competition to the Competition Secretary. If a member knows he/she will miss a future print competition then they can leave their print entry in advance of that competition with the Competition Secretary who will have a print box available at preceding print competition evenings to take the entry.

All work entered must be that of the author in its entirety and the content must be photographic in origin.
Any “Club Class” member who is awarded a trophy will progress into the “Advanced Class” the following year. (Any Club Class member may progress to Advanced Class without winning a trophy if he/she wishes)
All work entered shall be available, after each competition, to the Competition Secretary for use in external competitions.

Prints or digitally projected images can not be entered if they have been in a previous Annual Competition.
Bi-monthly print and DPI entries can however be entered in a subsequent Annual Competition.

For the print competitions Jpeg DPI files (formerly called “thumbnails”) must also be sent to the Competition Secretary by the deadline given. These should be within 1600×1200 pixels image size as for the DPI competitions, and the file titled, all as detailed below. DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL IMAGE FILE!!!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU SHOOT IN RAW.

Parts of the following rules are based on the L&CPU and PAGB rules so that work entered may be subsequently chosen for use in external competitions by the Competition Secretary as outlined above.

B) Print Competitions.

The subject will be open and titles should be given to the Competition Secretary in advance, as notified from time to time.

The print (which can be any size) must be mounted on mount board which is 50cm by 40cm. If the print is mounted on the face of the mount board then suitable and adequate permanent adhesive must be used (red can “spraymount” or similar) Prints which are loose on the card will be rejected.

If a print is mounted behind a window mount mat then there must be a single piece backing board of 50cm by 40cm attached securely to the mat.
The maximum thickness allowed of mat, plus backing board will be 4mm.
If tape, of any kind, is visible on the rear of the backing board the print will be rejected.

A monochrome print is one which is without colour, or one in which only one colour is evident throughout, through single colour toning. (this is the PAGB definition) Prints which have one or more added colours/dyes must be entered in the colour print section of the competition.
Author’s name and print title to be on the back of the mount board.
The print competitions are divided in to two sections “Club Class” and “Advanced Class”.

The competitions are divided into three groups as follows:-
1)Club Class Entry:- Monochrome prints are judged together with colour prints and each entrant may enter two works.
2) Advanced Class Monochrome:- two works may be entered complying with the definition of “monochrome” given above
3) Advanced Class Colour:- two works may be entered.

The image Titles, together with your Jpeg DPI files ( within 1600×1200 pixels in size) must be e- mailed to the Competition Secretary no later than 1800hrs (6pm) on the Sunday prior to the Competition, and the subject matter of the e-mail must be given – ie Print Titles. Jpeg DPI files should be saved at a quality which gives a file size of around 1MB

C) Digitally Projected Image Competitions.-

The DPI Competitions are divided into two sections “Club Class” and “Advanced Class”. Again Club Class is only open to members who have never been awarded a trophy in a Bury Photographic Society Competition.
The Competitions are to be divided into three groups as follows :-
1). Club Class Entry:- All rounds:- Both Monochrome DPI’s and Colour DPI’s will be judged together, the subject will be open, but the entrant may only enter two images per competition.
2). Advanced Class Entry, Rounds 1 and 4:- Monochrome. Three works may be entered, open subject, and must comply with the definition of “Monochrome” given above.
3). Advanced Class Entry, Rounds 2 and 5:- Colour. Three works may be entered, open subject, in colour.
4) Advanced Class Entry, Round 3, themed round:- Only one monochrome image and one colour image may be entered.

The image file must be in RGB mode and sized to be within 1600 pixels width x 1200 pixels height, and the colour space should be sRGB (including monochrome images.)
A portrait format image must have a maximum height of 1200 pixels regardless of the width.
Any blank areas of the picture space do not need be filled with black as Dicentra will automatically do this.
The images must be presented in JPEG format regardless of the format used to create them. Images should be saved at a quality level that gives a file size of less than 2MB. This can be double checked using the data given for the image in your imaging software Eg Adobe Bridge in Photoshop.
Files greater than 2MB in size won’t be accepted as they could not be used in future L&CPU competitions.
The images must be e-mailed to the Competition Secretary no later than 1800hrs (6pm) on the Sunday prior to the competition and the subject matter of the e-mail must be given – ie “DPI competition” or similar. Any untitled e-mail will be treated as “spam”.
The images must be titled on the file ie. <golden sunset>jpg but note that the software will add the suffix “jpg” automatically so it is not necessary to type this. Author’s initials do not need to included as the software used by the Competition Secretary handles this.

Round 3 Bi-Monthly Rule……
Round 3 of both the Print and DPI Competition’s will be a “Themed Round” and this rule will apply to both “Club Class” and “Advanced Class” members. The Theme will be decided, by the Society’s Committee, before the Bi-Monthly Competitions commence. If you do not enter round 3 of a particular class format you will be given a “zero” score and you will only be able to enter 8 works in that class format during the year’s competition (Club Class) or 16 works (Advanced Class Prints) and 12 works (Advanced Class DPIs)
Again both the “Monochrome” and “Colour” rules will apply.

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