What size prints do I need for competition?

The prints can be up to 40cm x 50cm in size, or on a mount at a size of 40cm x 50cm. Generally people use a 40cm x 50cm mount with A3 or 10″x16″ prints.

What size images do I need for a digital projection competition?

An excellent tutorial on preparing images for digital projection by Eb Swarbrick.

Is there a competition for slide photography?

No, we no longer hold a competition for slides. However, if you scan your slides you could enter them as digital projected images or as prints.

Is there disabled access to the club?

Yes, there is disabled access to the club. If you need any help, please do let us know.

So what are photography competitions like?

Photo Credit: Michal Marcol

New to a photography club? If you have not visited Bury Photographic Society, or perhaps any photographic club, then why not come along to view a photograph competition? You might like it.

Photography competitions are an excellent way to get feedback on what makes a good image. The judges of competitions aim to give detailed feedback on each image, giving their opinion on why an image might work for them, and so giving ideas of more powerful or dramatic photography. Coming along watching other people’s photographs being judged and scored is also a good way to pick up styles of photography and to see the kind of categories that do well.

So how does a print competition run?

The competitions are ran a bit differently in different photo clubs. In Bury Photographic Society, the photographs are sorted out into two main groups, ‘club class’ and ‘advanced class’. New members generally start in club class, and zoom up to the advanced category once they receive an award. The ‘advanced class’ photographs are often separated into the types of photographs (for example, colour and monochrome, perhaps natural history, portraits, or creative) depending on the number of entries.

With print images, the judges will generally not have seen the images before the actual day so it can be interesting to see their immediate reactions at the shots are placed before them.

The photographs are shown one-by-one on a specially made display easel which is lit with daytime lamps to preserve the colours of the original prints, and to display them with the vibrancy they deserve. Generally the judge will score the prints from one to twenty. Some prints are “held back”, which means that the judge will score them at the end – generally these will be the set of winning prints, so watch out for them!

We’ll see you at the next photograph competition!

What Happens to Prints after Club Competition ? After the Bi-monthly competition is over a good work can go on to become part of BuryPS group portfolio.
What happens to your prints next

Thinking of competing at a National Level ? Then there are a number of National competitions that you can enter to achieve external awards including the PAGB “Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, BPE “British Photographic Exhibition” and the RPS “Royal Photographic Society”.

External Distinctions Application

Is that really the weather for Bury on the home page?

Yes – it’s the weather brought to us from the BBC. Also, if you hover your mouse over each day it will give you more information such as sunset/sunrise times, the humidity and the windspeed and direction. So if you’ve after that sunset shot with a strong northerly wind then you can figure out.

Hover your mouse over the weather info on the home page.
Hover your mouse over the weather for sunrise / sunset times.